Best Place to Drown Your Sorrows


You missed out on a key promotion at work, or maybe your boyfriend's just dumped you. Even worse, perhaps you've booked a tropical vacation only to find that you've mismanaged your finances to the point where you're forced to dust off the ramen in the back of that cupboard you need a footstool to reach. These are the times when extreme sulking is merited (ergo the phrase "driven to drink"). Enter Pop's. At first glance, this isn't the sort of place that should cheer you up. Sauget reeks of noxious chemicals, the cavernous club's interior looks like something out of Porky's Revenge and Journey covers abound onstage. But get this: Pop's never closes. Having a drink at 2 a.m. at Pop's is like having a drink at 5 p.m. anywhere else. And as you look around, you can imagine the clientele -- singles in their twenties and thirties -- all live with their folks and spend their weekdays scanning frozen vegetables or tarring a road with a reflective orange vest on. Now, there's nothing wrong with that sort of lifestyle. But it's guaranteed to make your plight seem a little less awful, isn't it? As someone we know once put it while gazing down from Pop's balcony, bottle of Busch in hand: "I hate to say I'm better than everyone else here, but I'm better than everyone else here." If that doesn't cheer you up, what can?
Readers' Choice: CBGB
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