Best Place to Drive Slowly

Off I-44, near the Shrewsbury exit

Ah, the beauty of quilt-patch urban sprawl. Among a plethora of cities that arm themselves with radar guns to catch speeders doing 38 in a 35-mph zone, some should really be avoided. For years, Marlborough and Rock Hill were ranked speeders' enemies Number 1 and Number 2, costing precious points on driving records everywhere. Although Rock Hill is still a risky place to let your mind wander (because of one very focused motorcycle cop), Marlborough is no longer a threat, having recently disbanded its tiny police force. However, the top spot in which to tread slowly is Shrewsbury. This small city must not only maintain several police officers, a city hall and other necessities, it recently erected an enormous water park and swimming pool, which is bound to need a few extra bucks to maintain. Speeders, beware: You're a line-item in the Shrewsbury budget.
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