Best Place to Drink and Get Your Hair Cut

Bar Salon Ahh

Longtime hairdresser Donna Pelley had a unique idea for her hair salon: Serve booze. It helped that the stately old building she was moving into was equipped with a beautiful antique wooden bar. Unfortunately, city officials thought there were already too many bars in the area, so they didn't grant Donna a liquor license. In the end, she figured out a way to take those lemons and make 'em into lemonade. Scratch that. She took those lemons and made 'em into a Tom Collins. Donna gives away booze to her customers while they wait to get their 'do did. Ostensibly, you've got to purchase a five-dollar raffle ticket to get a "free" drink, but that makes you eligible for a drawing that could net you 35 bucks off your next appointment. It's amazing what a whiskey sour and a trim can do for your outlook.
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