Best Place to Conjure Your Spirit Animal

Kaldi's Coffee House & Market Bakery

The night is cold. You sweep into Kaldi's and close the door behind you, sealing out the frigid winter. Breathlessly, you order it: the white-chocolate cocoa. You wait several minutes, pacing, looking around at nothing, needing the fix. It is ready. You take the hot glass. You make your way past the students and trendoids to your corner. You take off your coat, sit and, for just a second, wait. Savor the moment. Now, take your first sip. Heaven -- pure heaven. This is so unbelievably good, all your body's pleasure chemicals fire at once and you are cradled in a cocoon of ecstasty. When members of rainforest tribes, seeking to meet their spirit animals during a vision quest, use blowguns to shoot hallucinogenic toxins into each other's asses, they visit a plane not unlike this one -- or so we've heard. The whipped cream tickles your nose.

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