Best Place to Buy Your Mother a Teapot


Cornucopia is a charming little shop in the heart of downtown Kirkwood that appears to contain every kitchen utensil ever created. An afternoon spent browsing in the closely packed aisles turned up glassware, cookie cutters for every holiday and a very impressive selection of coffees and teas. But what made the trip worthwhile was the teapots. Glass, steel, ceramic -- all kinds. Faced with a shelf full of Yixing Chinese teapots, a tiny yet very bright light bulb popped overhead: Mom Drinks Tea. And Mom has given every fiber of her being to raising us (well, maybe not every fiber, but a damn sight more fiber than we deserved). So we're always looking for the perfect gift for Mom, the gift that says more than "Merry Christmas," the gift that says, "You are a unique and wonderful person and as we grow older we have come to realize that we owe you more than we can ever repay you." And these unglazed teapots, made from Yixing Province's unique clay, these teapots with their little animal motifs and beautiful curves, these teapots absorb the flavor, the essence, of the tea brewed in them over the years, so that every pot brewed becomes a deeper, richer experience. The thought "This. Is. A. Metaphor. For. A. Mother's. Love." hit us like a thunderbolt, and we bought one. If your mother is not as wonderful as ours (and how could she be?), buy her one of the more prosaic, functional glass teapots. If you've got a mother, Cornucopia's got you covered.
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