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Apop Records

They say that vinyl is a dead format. Who wants the headache of this big, clunky, fragile thing, so susceptible to the ravages of heat or fingerprints or dust — not to mention the challenges of purchasing a quality record player? Tapes and CDs are decidedly dead as well, say they, and the eReader is coming for your books next. Physical media is in the past; in the future we will all have iPhones built into our brains with auto-downloads for all of our entertainment needs — just you wait and see. Apop Records wholly eschews this line of thought, serving as the last bastion of hope for formats dead and dying. Everything listed above can be found in the Cherokee Street store, save for those pesky i-things and newfangled tablets. VHS tapes, cassettes, comics and magazines dating from decades past, CDs, outdated medical textbooks, Apop has all your dying media under one roof. And need we even mention the vinyl? Stacks and racks of it fill the store, easily outnumbering every other format with a selection expansive enough to include even the rarest of reissues. When approached for comment about vinyl's so-called demise, Beryl the store cat remained stone-faced and uninterested, which to us says it all.

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