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Record Exchange

Perhaps you've heard the news: Vinyl is back. Yes, the oversized circular slabs tossed aside in favor of shiny, portable CDs are trendy again. New bands are moving units like hotcakes, and labels are pressing seminal catalog items and re-releasing them in deluxe packages. Sometimes, though, all you want is a gently used, well-loved copy of a Dan Fogelberg record, without being judged for it. That's where Record Exchange comes in. No matter how obscure (or popular) the LP, it's probably tucked away in these dusty, musty bins — at a reasonable, non-collector-inflated price. (If you look hard enough, you might even find a sealed, pristine copy of an old LP too.) The "new arrivals" bin by the cash register is a treasure trove of '80s alt-rock and other oddities. Just want a 45? The Exchange's upstairs room has row after row of lost classics and jukebox staples. Occasionally there's a 50-percent-off sale — that's half off almost every item in the store — so customers would be wise to check in on a regular basis.

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