Best Place to Buy Vinyl

The Record Exchange

Here's a fun little activity you should try sometime: Make a list of ten or twelve records you'd really like to own. Doesn't matter what genre — just stuff that you really like. Then, head to the Record Exchange. When you come back out three hours later, look at the bagful of records in your hand. Now check that against the list you made. More likely than not, you'll find you don't have a single thing you wrote down. That's the beauty of a place like the Record Exchange. Located in the old Hampton Avenue Public Library, the Exchange boasts the largest selection of vinyl in town. Stacks upon stacks, rows upon rows, a seemingly never-ending treasure trove, just waiting to be explored. Now that you've learned your lesson, you'll never again go in looking for anything specific. You'll just go in and look — and come out amazed by what you found. The Record Exchange also offers an extensive selection of other obsolete media — LaserDiscs, picture discs, cassettes — as well as the machines to play 'em on.

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