Best Place to Buy Vinyl

Record Exchange

It'd be easy to give this award to Record Exchange based on sheer volume alone. The store holds untold stacks of wax — LPs cram the racks and spill out from every cranny, and it's piled shoulder-high in corners and storerooms. But it's quality as well as quantity that makes a great record store, and Record Exchange offers that as well. We defy you to leave the store without some twelve-inch treasure in your hand, either from the countless used records or the recently added selection of new, freshly pressed vinyl. For the full record-geek experience, head upstairs to the 45 rpm loft, where rock, soul and country seven-inches await your perusal. Whether it's rare colored-vinyl singles or old, scratchy 78s, no other store caters to the crate diggers, vinyl junkies and casual music fans as well or as fully as Record Exchange.
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