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Most game stores are cramped little meat-grinders where kids go in one way and get shoved out the other with the latest Grand Theft Auto 9 or whatever. But at Trade-N-Games, the earliest Atari and Nintendo wares get equal shelf space with the newest shiny game tech. And those dusty old cartridges? They're not so crusty anymore, thanks to the keen eyes of a conscientious staff, who are always looking out for condition and cleanliness. The shop caters to hardcore gamers and collectors alike, selling protective cases for old gems and game guides to help reach that next level. The store feels more like a showroom with plenty of floor space and a huge glass tower protecting pricey rarities — something you won't find in a corporate shop. This isn't a one-way street either; take your unwanted goodies in for a fair pile of cash or choose the trade-in option for even more in-store credit. (We say take the store credit — you're going to need it.)

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