Best Place to Buy Used Clothing

Value Village

The range of wares at Value Village is wide, from furniture, mattresses and household items to appliances, electronics, books, movies, music and décor. Its greatest strength, though, is its far-flung selections of used clothing for men, women and children. Value Village appeals as much to thrift-store treasure hunters scouring racks for retro trends and quirky fabrics as it does to budget shoppers searching for gently worn newer brands like Old Navy, American Eagle and Forever 21. Occasionally a Dior necktie, Halston blouse or Louis Vuitton purse makes an appearance for a jaw-droppingly cheap price, but even when the pick of the litter is a pair of never-worn combat boots, a vintage Sears Roebuck suit or an itchy Lacoste sweater embroidered with a stranger's initials, it's not a bad trip. Each month Value Village holds special tag days, discounting various merchandise from 50 to 75 percent off. And the last Wednesday of every month the store hosts a half-off sale. With prices, selection and steals that easily undercut more elite resale shops, Value Village offers a classic thrift-store experience where one-of-a-kind finds are well-earned and deals are by the dozen.

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