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Women's Closet Exchange

You know how some people say that if you travel to Rome or Naples and mention the Hill, the indigenous I-ties over there will not only recognize the famed nabe by name, but will also ooh and ahh about it and its storied glory? It's kinda like what happens if you go to certain fashion houses or high-end-label hot spots in London, New York, LA or Hong Kong and name-drop St. Louis' own Women's Closet Exchange. Arguably one of the best resale shops in the country—and no argument that it's the best in Missouri, as it's been named Best Designer Resale in Missouri by the National Association of Resale & Thrift Stores—this strip-mall treasure trove stocks tons of Chanel, Escada, DKNY, BCBG, Christian Dior, Gucci and virtually all other labels sanctioned in the pages of Vogue. Owner Sue McCarthy opened her consignment shop in the mid-1980s and has exhibited smart business acumen ever since. Whether she buys items from private sellers or contracts big shipments from designer houses, she makes sure all pieces are two years old, max. She stocks a full range of sizes and discounts her merch 30 to 50 percent. Secondhand stores in the same strip—owned by McCarthy's relatives—sell furniture and kids' clothes (see "Best Baby Store") with the same panache. True, there's no menswear to be found, but a woman outfitted at Women's Closet Exchange could make an entrance on the arm of a man in a barrel and suspenders and still look like a million bucks.
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