Best Place to Buy Used Clothing

Value Village Thrift Store

From utilitarian to Halloween to high-end clothing, one place is guaranteed to have it all. Tucked into the backside of Kenrick Plaza, Value Village Thrift Store's Shrewsbury outpost (one of three VVTSes) is better than a department store when it comes to all manner of clothes shopping. Not only are sections precisely divided (Men, Women, Children), but they're organized and labeled into subcategories -- Dress Pants, Casual Pants, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Sweater Vests, etc. Often the staff will even arrange items by color within a subgroup! It's a miracle to always find what you're looking for, and it's all so damn clean; do they wash everything before they put it out? A staff member says no, they simply have lots of people to sort through donations and cull only the best items. While there are no dressing rooms (be prepared for try-ons in the aisle), the prices are very fair (most everything is under $10), and when a piece seems a buck or two higher than it should be, consider the convenience, the cleanliness and the selection, and put some extra money into the coffers of people who arrange clothing by color, for criminy! That, or wait for the frequent tag and discount sales.
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