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The key to a great used-clothing store is how well the establishment juggles the dueling priorities of raw volume and pimp-ass, retro styling. Here, while joints like the Vintage Haberdashery on South Grand succeed on the latter front, only Rag-O-Rama consistently delivers the goods in both categories. Toss in the wild-card criterion of whether you can locate a wacko T-shirt from, y'know, the Lincoln, Nebraska AARP Cribbage Club on the spot, and the Delmar Loop institution really runs away from the pack. Further (and not to be discounted) are the benefits of ace in-store music selections and the freedom to browse aimlessly through the endless racks of Ts and trousers. After all, it can take a helluva long time to find the right Twisted Sister concert T-shirt to bust out in the most inappropriate setting (e.g., your ex-boyfriend's grandmother's funeral).
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