Best Place to Buy Twangfest Duds

Pixie 9 Vintage

Clearly those who descend on vintage stores searching for costumes to wear to the "Down From the Mountain" or Dolly Parton show are despicable creatures worthy of nothing but scorn. However, those who live the life recognize the impossibility of duplicating the quality and style of yesteryear and appreciate that vintage is the only source for retro country attire. St. Louisans are lucky to have Pixie 9; Janet and Kay's space overflows with fabulous Western apparel for li'l cowpokes heading over to Twangfest, summer's best music festival. The alt-country aficionado wears his taste daily, not just for swangin' on Saturday nights, and this, of course, requires a steady supply of mother-of-pearl snap-front Western-yoke shirts. Highlights spotted recently include a piece of Tru-west Rockamount Ranch Wear and a shirt with horseshoe stitching and three-button cuffs by J.C. Penney. For the ladies, choices range from home-ec-project full skirts in bandana or gingham prints, shirtwaist dresses, sleeveless camp shirts galore and petticoats and crinolines that'll flatter your two-stepping and fluster the cowpokes. Western beaded belts are easily unearthed, and the persistent may stumble over a hat and even boots, though luck'll have to be on their side. And the prices will make Austinites drool: Most are under twenty bucks.

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