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Music for Pleasure

If the names Linn, Krell, Martin Logan and Arcam mean nothing to you, you're not a hi-fi freak and probably haven't been to St. Louis' most exquisite hi-fi freakshow. Music for Pleasure isn't like any stereo shop in the area: Set up in a former accounting firm, the store has seven rooms designed like dens in the crib of your dreams. You can sit on a couch and crank up a $140,000 system -- That speaker cable at your feet? It'll run you 30 thou. -- and enter that blissful musical state: state-of-the-art. And although the store clearly caters to the jet set, Music for Pleasure can still set you up with an incredibly sweet-sounding system for about a grand. The staff knows how to match musical components, and they've been doing custom installations around the country for years. Money won't get you into heaven, but it can help you hear what the angels sound like.
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