Best Place to Buy Sex Toys


"Convenient" isn't an adjective you'd couple with "sex-toy store." They don't have a drive-through window. They're not in the same strip mall as the grocery store and the bank. Unless you have truly omnivorous appetites, the ratio of merchandise you want to merchandise you don't is about 1:200. The beauty of CheapTRX is that it's like a sex-toy convenience store, carrying a wide variety of goods for all levels of kink in a very small, easily navigable space. On the street level, lingerie and costume pieces are sandwiched between the gift shop and the tattoo parlor. The basement room, directly underneath and approximately the same size as the clothing section, might seem intimidating at first, but keep moving past the full-size cage and the gas masks at the foot of the stairs. CheapTRX is the rare store where you can stand in one place and see everything they have to offer, from manly leather harnesses to the pop-culture-cliché über-vibrator, the Rabbit; from kink-lite Cosmo-approved fuzzy handcuffs to apparatuses best left to Dan Savage to explain. The store is so effective at offering a wide range of toys in a small space because they carry very few DVDs. The sex-toy storekeeper, like the lawyer and the bartender, is professionally obligated to give advice without judgment, but anyone behind the counter at CheapTRX will be friendly and informative. The best part? After you've found what you need and walked out of the store, you can rent a video and grab takeout without having to move the car.

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