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Cheap Trx

Dialing up a glow-in-the-dark dildo order on the Internet and calling yourself a cheeky monkey ain't cheeky at all. True sex-toy aesthetes shop for playthings the way rich women shop for lingerie: in person, reverentially, with lots of hands-on help. For such aficionados, Cheap Trx is priceless, with a level of customer service rarely seen in any kind of store, let alone one that hawks sex toys. The help would be pleased as punch to comparison-shop vibrators with you, to help you settle on the lubricant best suited to your needs, or to explain the intricacies of the $250 leather sex sling that hangs from the ceiling (even though you can't afford it and aren't quite ready for that level of kink). Perhaps what's more your speed are the handsome, masquerade-style leather masks from South America, or the liquid latex kits for homemade catsuit creations --both way beyond the plastic and rubber trinkets peddled at inferior establishments.
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