Best Place to Buy Scrapbooking Supplies

Red Lead

The beauty of Red Lead becomes apparent on a typical Saturday afternoon: After yet another demo on some intricacy of the scrapbooking arts wraps up, the crowd doesn't leave but instead disperses to browse the wall racks and aisles of paper, the massive stockpile of rubber stamps and ink pads that ring the room (antique, chalk, cat's eye, full pad—Red Lead stocks them all), the strange oddments used to jazz up pages, the glitter—oh, the eye-catching array of glitter choices. It isn't seeing the devoted scrappers unable to tear themselves away from the 'Lead that provides the epiphany. (What devout worshiper would leave the cathedral early?) It's the broad range of the throng. There are middle-aged moms, sure—but there's one swapping tips about technique with a punk-rock twentysomething! Indeed, Red Lead is an unparalleled nexus for the crafty.
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