Best Place to Buy Rubber Stamps

The Inkspot

You've seen the bumper stickers: "Skinny Girls Can't Stamp." Self-deprecating humor, yes, but a little exclusionary. The idea that you have to be large and shrill in order to take part in the burgeoning stamp-art movement is an outdated concept; there are plenty of svelte young women taking an interest in making their own cards, customizing their scrapbooks and creating interesting works of art out of decoupage and rubber stamps. And the Inkspot is there for svelte and zaftig crafter alike. The two-story house off Kirkwood's main drag is not just a treasure trove of stamps and inkpads; it also stocks a wide array of fancy papers and related paper tools, from bone folders to decorative hole punches to archival-quality markers and pens. But to be honest, you'll go for the big two: stamps and inkpads. The circular layout of the first floor allows you to wander from room to room, ooh-ing and aah-ing over cutesy animal stamps, intricate patterned stamps, holiday-themed stamps, clever-saying stamps, Celtic-knot stamps — it's all there. Every color of inkpad is available, in a multitude of tints, sizes and shapes. Whether you need the all-out coverage power of the "Big & Juicy" pad (a quarter-acre in surface area, or so it seems) or the delicate touch provided by the cat's eye-shape Fresco Mini (available in "dusty" and "metallic" as well), the Inkspot's got it. If you don't know what you need, that's fine, too. Not only is the staff eager to help and offer examples of their own work (the front room is actually their workspace), but the Inkspot also offers workshops galore in the classrooms upstairs; there's also a small library of various craft magazine back issues you can troll in search of inspiration. Truly, the Inkspot has room for stampers of all sizes, shapes and skill levels.
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