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Scouring Web sites and figuring out international payment plans just to get your bloody gauntlets on a copy of Deathspell Omega's first album is an awful lot of work, but you're a devoted member of the cult: It's what you do to get what you need. Or you can just drive over to the spruced-up downtown of Kirkwood, Missouri, and discover the unholy majesty of Now Hear This' sublime metal section. Absolutely the finest, deepest, broadest selection of metal can be found here, thanks to the exquisite taste of metal buyer extraordinaire Mark Zilliken. You want Dissection's back catalogue? Carpathian Forest reissues? The Behemoth albums released only in Poland? All in stock. You want to rebuild your Kreator collection on CD? Need to replace your copy of Killing Technology? Now Hear This can help. From Draugar's latest release to Hellhammer's classic demo and everything that's come between, Zilliken knows what's good and has it waiting for you.
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