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John J. Kaiser Insurance Agency

When it comes to coverage, John Kaiser is the hardest-working man in the insurance biz. He returns phone calls within minutes. Dinged windshield? No problem -- he'll send someone out to fix it. If someone knocks your brand-new motorcycle over in a parking lot, you pick the repair shop, and clearance for the work arrives within 24 hours. We have a habit of losing proof-of-insurance cards when it's time for new license tags, but Kaiser always comes through, promptly faxing a copy directly to the license office, then sending one out in the mail the same day. He also sends cards on your birthday and Valentine's Day. Plus, he's cheap, way cheap. We called around, but his full-coverage rates for motorcycles were at least one-third lower than his closest competitor's. If you're in the market for an automobile policy, be sure to ask about discounts if you get a renter's-insurance policy. In our case, the combined rate for our car and our home were lower than for the car alone. And he brought the paperwork to our office so we didn't have to drive anywhere. Incredible.
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