Best Place To Buy Imported Tchotchkes

MacroSun Imports and Cultural Centre

Looking for that perfect Ganesh carving or hand-woven kilim? Look no further than MacroSun Imports, which has recently added a second location in Webster Groves. Entering either store engulfs the shopper in a potent wave of incense complemented by background chants and indigenous music. Both stores feature goods from Tibet, India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan, including jewelry, clothing, musical instruments, fine art, ritual masks, tribal carvings and more and more. Prices seem reasonable as well, ranging from under a quarter for incense to more than a grand for some of the more elaborate artworks. MacroSun's business practices are especially appealing: They buy directly from co-ops, artists and craftsmen, paying fair prices and charging customers likewise. And they wish you peace -- always a nice addition to anyone's consumer experience.
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