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Bob's Seafood

It's no tale, ha-ha-ha, that Bob's is a great place to find the best fish and seafood in this area. Bob's, which has been in business 24 years at the Market in the Loop, deals fish and seafood to about 100 area restaurants, including the Blue Water Grill. You can find the following underwater creatures at owner Bob Mepham's itsy shop: salmon, tuna, trout, striped bass, sea bass, halibut, shark, skate, tilapia, snapper, swordfish, mahi mahi, wahoo, grouper, escolar, amberjack, cobia, black bass, flounder, sole, sturgeon, corvine, redfish, catfish, walleye, cod, crab, lobster (which you can buy live), mussels, clams, oysters, crawfish, scallops, shrimp and even some ungilled, land-based offerings, including andouille, tasso and bacon. Fresh items are couriered daily to Bob's, and the same quality available to his restaurant customers is available to his retail patrons. Looking for a particular variety of fish or seafood not commonly found in the area? Bob's can probably get it. The store also sells fish and seafood fixins: spices, breading, sauces. But if you want instructions on how to cook your selection, don't ask Bob -- chances are, he'll direct you to his wife Barb, who always has the best advice.
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