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St. Louis Dart Shop

There's something liberating about being caught in a lie. And make no mistake, we were trapped like a rat. Our preferred set of darts, the 31-gram Sharp Shooters, had gone all popcorn trying to pin a treble three (the darts had stripped each other's flights, so close was the grouping). And in the process, a shaft had been bent. Off we went to St. Louis Dart Shop. Don't let the nondescript storefront fool you: Inside is a pharaoh's ransom of darts, both steel- and soft-tipped, as well as boards, replacement flights—and shafts. Our plight explained to the shopkeeper and his somewhat aloof cat (all right, the cat was completely aloof), we expressed interest in purchasing a new set of Sharp Shooters. "Why don't you just replace the shafts? It's a lot cheaper," he said. Shooting a furtive glance in the direction of our lady friend, who was cooing over the cat, we leaned in and muttered "She—" emphatic head nod stage right—"doesn't know that." He smiled slightly, nodded. "Yup. Haveta replace 'em sometimes. Sharp Shooters are over here. Let me show you." A set of 29-gram Piranhas were also tested, and after pondering the virtues of sticking with the tried and true or going with something new, the Sharp Shooters were purchased. But not before our better half asked the shopkeeper to add a set of shafts to the bill—"For your set at home," she purred. Found out as a liar, and a profligate one at that!
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