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Webster Records

Unlike its younger cousin classic rock, classical music does not generate as much excitement among the general populace as it once did. Oh, the devoted still exult in a beautifully played Peer Gynt or laugh their way through a production of Der Zauberflte, but outside the classical world, the music is regarded as staid at best, fuddy-duddy at worst. Strange, isn't it? The debut of Stravinsky's Rites of Spring famously resulted in a zesty little riot, and one of Sergei Prokofiev's musical mentors ran from the room upon hearing the younger man's Scythian Suite, terrified for his hearing. And who has remained unmoved by the celestial gallop that is the opening movement of Carmina Burana? Certainly not Ozzy Osbourne, who has used it as the introductory music on every one of his farewell tours. Classical music is for the bold, or at the very least, those who value drama and a sense of majestic structure other than rhyming A-B couplets about cars and girls. Webster Records specializes in classical music the way Wagner specialized in the leitmotif; it's not the only style of music they stock, but it is a genre in which they are uniquely well versed. An ample selection of new releases covers half of one long wall. The other half of that wall is devoted to a selection of used classical music that is deep and delightful in its eccentricities. Add to that magnificently genial staff members who seem interested in people as more than just customers, and a quick and effective special-order system (along with a rewarding frequent-buyer program), and you have a quite pleasant Saturday afternoon of shopping.
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