Best Place to Buy Cheap Gifts

Dollar Tree

It seems like every time you open the mail, you're invited to some kind of party that requires a present—showers, dinners, birthday parties, and on and on. And when the end of the year rolls around, the Etiquette Police want you to bestow gratitude gifts to a burgeoning variety of service-providing folks. That's why you should shop at Dollar Tree. This is not your typical store filled with junky crap you'd be embarrassed to be seen buying, much less wrapping up and giving to someone. We're talking nice things. Such as margarita glasses (perfect for a housewarming), figurines (there you go, Grandma!), Champagne flutes (hello, wedding gift) get the idea. The Dollar Tree'll even sell you a basket or gift bag to put the stuff in (cards too!). Gift-giving has never been so effortless, or affordable. (A special shout-out to the Dollar Tree in Ballwin, at 14755 Manchester Road—it's well worth the drive.)
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