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John's Furniture and Antiques

The window sign calls them "Nic Nacs," and there's no telling what they'll be: Fine and tacky, faux and authentic rub up against each other, culled from the estates and attics of the dead. There's cranberry glass and a blue Cookie Monster cookie jar, a rampant Scottish lion on a wooden heraldic plaque leaning against a kewpie doll and a duck soup tureen (not Groucho, porcelain). Shopping here's a delight -- it's not even musty, because the door's propped open nearly all the time, and the kindly lady who oversees commerce applies no pressure. About half the inventory -- which turns over rapidly -- would sell like hotcakes if you packaged it as retro or stuck it in a lit tagère in an antique store, but John's prices are eminently reasonable, and he wastes no money on display, just crams it all together and sells it alongside the furniture next door, carved and footed and a little bit of everything.
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