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Eunice Farmer Fabrics

Buttons used to be a tiny art form, and at Eunice Farmer they still are. You'll find cut-glass jet buttons sparkly enough to wear as jewelry, carved African tigerwood, brushed-silver Roman medallions with a relief of Caesar's profile, miniature gold Louis XIV chairs, bronze suns inscribed with Aztec ornament, silver reindeer, glass clusters, hand-painted Beatrix Potter scenes. Don't let the last scare you -- even the cutest aren't saccharine. Where somebody else might order plastic buttons splashed with painted poppies, at Eunice the poppy buttons actually look like a single bright poppy. There are tiny wooden pencils, pewter watering cans, arty ladybugs that look as if Diego Rivera painted them, discs hand-painted with a cow jumping over the moon. Then there are the serious buttons, custom-ordered designs wrought from precious stones, with delicate stripes of onyx and hematite or lapis.
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