Best Place to Buy African American Literature

VOICES Books on Wheels

Thursday, 4 p.m. Them chickenhead girlfriends of yours gone and canceled again! And you was so looking forward to flossing all you got Friday night! Now you'll be sittin' home thinking about all the hos rockin' they Gucci and Prada in front of that fly fellow from the club last week. Damn, girl! Is this for real? What you gon' do to get your socks off now? Sheeit! OK, don't freak. If you go 'head and order three books from VOICES Books on Wheels right now, the sweet Ms. Brenda Hampton or her husband will come and deliver them to your door in their bookmobile — 24 hours or bust. For real! Haven't you been wantin' that new Keisha Ervin book that's supposed to kill? You know that Wal-Mart down the street don't have it. And Ms. Hampton herself has the Naughty series you been so damn lazy you haven't even read yet! Ooooh, that's right, woman, you gon' be in Friday night. Call now and you just be getting' goin' on that street-hot lit when the sun goes down tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe Mr. Fly will even give you one of his famous lil' drunk-dials as you readin' by candlelight.

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