Best Place To Buy African-American Lit

Sunstar Divine and Family

Sunstar Divine and Family continues to defy the odds: a black bookstore succeeding in the new millennium despite the cutthroat practices of big-box stores such as Borders and Barnes & Noble. Sunstar's success is due to its ability to deliver those hallmarks of niche-oriented retailers: superior customer service and attention to detail. Yes, the store has the required-reading new titles, but it also offers an unusual mix of great used books (especially hard-to-find older and out-of-print volumes). The staff wants you to read that book as much as you do, so if you need one or two held until payday, or to be put on layaway, no problem. Want owner Sunstar to alert you to the hottest arrivals? You got it. Sunstar also buys and trades books. And while you're in there, take advantage of the more than 300 pure body oils (another category Sunstar could win).

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