Best Place to Buy a Pocketknife

Uncle Sam's

Air marshals and Gateway Arch security details be damned -- you're not properly equipped for a day out if you don't have a pocketknife. Good for punching air holes in poorly made coffee-cup lids, slicing apples and tightening up your muttonchops in the men's room, a pocketknife is a tool (not a weapon), and Man is a tool-using animal. If you're in need of a new knife, save yourself some time and skip all those fancy "wilderness outfitter" places. Just head straight to Uncle Sam's. Whether you're in the market for a keychain-size knife, a sturdy Buck three-blade folder (our personal choice), one of those Tactical lockback jobbers in matte black or even a full-size reproduction of Aragorn's sword (settle down, it's already mounted on a backing board, so you can't mow down any Urak-Hai), Uncle Sam's has it, priced to move.
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