Best Place to Blow Your Winnings


So you ignored the advice of everyone standing around the blackjack table and hit on eighteen...and won big. Now what? Oh, sure, you could do the responsible thing and pay off your student loan — you went to college to be a dentist, after all, not a card counter — but that's no fun. Instead, treat yourself to the most indulgent meal in St. Louis: the "FleurBurger 5000" at celebrity chef Hubert Keller's Lumière Place steak house, Sleek. The $5,000 burger is made with Kobe beef (widely regarded as the best on the planet) and then stuffed with foie gras and served with black Périgord truffles. Oh, and you also receive a bottle of Château Pétrus and imported Italian stemware in which to enjoy it. The stemware is yours to keep. Use it next time you have a date over, and she might not ask why a 45-year-old dentist still lives with his parents.

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