Best Place to Bird-Watch

Malcolm Terrace Park

No one knows about Malcolm Terrace Park, not even the birds. Hell, they've been shaking their tail feathers here for years and took it for granted that they owned the place. Like any true Missourian, there's nothing our songbirds like better than keepin' it real, which is easy for them at Malcolm Terrace, where there are more trees than path, and sometimes not much of a path at all. Leave your binoculars at home — the birds are in their natural habitat, and you are too, not consigned to gawking from hundreds of feet away, but actually as close as you can get without climbing into the nest. Malcolm Terrace Park is a land before time, not so much created as left alone, not bickered over or roller-skated on, not teeming with dogs and greasy joggers. If you were a bird, you'd rather hang out there too.

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