Best Place (Not Your House) to Avoid People

Saint Louis Art Museum

Staff Pick

The problem with people is that they’re always moving. One minute you’re walking down the sidewalk or occupying an elevator, and then, bam, there they are, breathing and sweating and all that jazz. But in the Saint Louis Art Museum (1 Fine Arts Drive; 314-721-0072), your introversion is the perfect engine for exploration: Imagine you’re perusing some Greek antiquities on the museum’s main level when some boomers in khaki shorts arrive while having FaceTime conversations on speakerphone, like monsters. Instead of freezing up, beat a tactical retreat — since that just means you’re going to run into more incredible art, history and culture. Let the crush of other people move you toward underappreciated galleries: Leave the European art in the main halls and descend to the lower level, where you encounter the stunning storytelling in the ritual garb of the indigenous cultures of Africa. Marvel at the intricate and practical craftsmanship of Native American and Oceanic cultures, their vast economies operating completely outside colonialist civilizations. In the museum, let the crowds be your signposts – and let your misanthropy be your tour guide.—Danny Wicentowski
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