Best Place For Used Clothing

Women's Closet Exchange

This place has lots for women looking for style on the cheap. With offerings ranging from $50 Emmanuel suits and Armani "clubbing" dresses, $12 Ann Taylor blouses, $7 Gap jeans and $3 Banana Republic T-shirts, there are choices for most occasions. Best buy: a Calvin Klein cashmere wrap/shawl sweater in camel for a mere 15 bucks. Although you may still be surprised by prices on the ritzier labels (some swanky dresses from obscure labels are still priced at a shocking $95), these are usually for new items donated from failed local boutiques. But take the time to eavesdrop (hardly applicable here, because the employees are often comically loud) on gossip about local hoi polloi, and revel in your armful of bargains.
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