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Adult Entertainment Co. Discount Store

Forget the high-priced boutiques that keep bankers' hours. When you're hard up in the wee hours, head to the East Side and beautiful downtown Brooklyn for bargains galore at the Adult Entertainment Co. Discount Store. It's ratty, just a converted mobile home scrunched up next to the Platinum Club and across the street from Roxy's. But it's open 24-7, and there are some genuine deals on dildoes, plus so much more. Consider: A double-headed 18-inch jelly dong that goes for at least $25 anywhere else, even on the Internet, can be had for the low, low price of $15.95. But bring your own bag, because they only have one size at the Entertainment Co., and what's right for that nasty little videotape isn't nearly big enough for the larger-than-life jelly dong or assorted other gadgets -- there's nothing like a midnight stroll across a parking lot filled with drunken strip-club patrons while toting a size enhancer with the pump end stuffed under your shirt. This store is nothing fancy, just a bunch of tools (mostly time-proven, basic hardware) hung on pegboard and clerks who look as if they're DMV moonlighters. But they've got the goods, and they've got them cheap. One small, but vital, caveat: A tiny bottle of liquid KY to make it all possible goes for $16. So plan ahead and make time for a trip to Walgreens.
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