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You can keep your Xboxes, your iPhones and your big-budget 3-D movies — not a one of 'em has as powerful an AI as the human imagination. That's why when we're looking for a little fun in the form of wholesale orc slaughter, we head to the St. Charles Fantasy Shop to see what's new in role-playing games. The venerable comic and gaming store has a sizable selection of all the big names — Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Legend of the Five Rings and the mighty Warhammer — as well as the necessary accessories to boost your Friday-night gaming session to epic level. You need dice? No problem. Tabletop figures? Painted or unpainted, they've got 'em. A soft-foam battle-ax to make the loudmouth of your group shut up for a little while? Yea, verily. And then there's the Corner of Misfit Games in the back of the store, a little nook stuffed with remnants of gaming's dim past picked up on eBay and at yard sales and who knows where else. Second-edition AD&D modules, off-brand war games you've never heard of, a complete set of the core rulebooks for — no, on second thought, we're not gonna tell you. Payday's next week, and we might just get up to St. Chuck and clear out the corner before you know what's available. Onward, to the north and plunder!

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