Best Place for Late-Night Dining


Once the clock strikes midnight, breakfast becomes fair game. And what better way to satisfy every craving in the book — salty, sweet, crispy, even spicy — than with one of Melt's hot-from-the-griddle, made-from-scratch waffles? Melt's waffles serve as perfect repositories for maple syrup and just about anything else Melt can dream up. Golden buttermilk waffles, or vegan and gluten-free versions if preferred, serve as open canvases for a selection of sweet or savory toppings. Get them until 3 a.m. during weekends. Go for a classic "Violet Beauregarde" topped with blueberries and blueberry coulis, or tackle late-night hunger head on with the "Blue Ox," a special cornmeal waffle topped with caramelized onions, slow-cooked brisket, bourbon lime sauce and blue cheese. True breakfast worshippers ought to opt for the popular "Wake N' Bake," cooked with bacon or sausage right in the batter and topped with eggs and cheddar cheese. After midnight, Melt ditches the knives and forks, instead rolling each waffle up in a street-style cone — totally fine by us. We'd just be licking the plate for every last morsel anyway.

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