Best Place for Late-Night Dining

Pointer's Pizza

Three great attributes of Pointer's Pizza: 1) The pizzas are really, really good. 2) One of said pizzas, the Pointersaurus, is 28 inches in diameter and costs $50 — but if you eat the whole thing you win a $500 prize. (There's a Pointersaurus box mounted on the wall near the entrance; it's about the size of a coffee table.) 3) You can call Pointer's and get a pizza until two in the morning. We're talking good, old-school pizza, with a hand-tossed crust neither too thick nor too thin. The sort of pizza that seems so simple to get right, but so few places actually manage to. Many's the night you can see a group of diners sitting on the curb in front of Pointer's perpetually propped-open door enjoying a pizza well past midnight, and you might be hard-pressed not to stop yourself and head in for a little bit of nocturnal heaven. Then again, why would you want to resist?

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