Best Place for Late-Night Dining

The U

It is a universally acknowledged truth that a night owl with the munchies must be in need of cheese fries. Jane Austen said something along those lines, and who are we to argue? It is also a universally acknowledged truth that late-night diners aren't exactly gunning for salads and smoothies when the clock strikes midnight — it's gotta be hot, greasy, even a little bit sloppy. The U, located on the eastern edge of Saint Louis University's campus and within stumbling distance of a few fly nightclubs, fills a much-needed gap in non-fast food options for late-night eating. Open until 3:30 a.m., the spot serves up the aforementioned cheese fries (available topped with chili, bacon and/or ranch dressing) as well as a course catalog of grill-top sandwiches that are wonderfully, messily overstuffed. School's in session, and the re-education of your stomach begins at the U.

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