Best Place for Late-Night Dining


Ordering a midnight meal typically goes like this: "Yeah, can I have the number-three with a Sierra Mist? And, uh, a large fry, and a bacon-jalapeo cheeseburger combo?" At Roxane it sounds like this: "We'll start with the Yukon gold potato-leek soup, the salad nioise, and the quiche of the day. Then we'll have the flammekuche pizzetta—no, scratch that, let's share the cheese fondue instead. And we're going to hold onto our menus. We might want the pot de creme or the strawberry crepes for dessert." Molded in the style of a Parisian caf, Roxane keeps its small-plate, Continental cuisine rocking till the clock strikes twelve (and, if you catch them on the right night, sometimes even a little past). It's a fun yet refined mix of finger-food fare and knife-and-fork delicacies, paired with a nice selection of wines by the bottle or glass, served in sexy scarlet-toned environs by a polished waitstaff. With all due respect to White Castle, it sure beats a Crave Case and a half-gallon of Dr Pepper.
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