Best Place for Late-Night Dining

Eat Rite Diner

We love using the word "dining" ironically. Like when we show up at the Eat Rite at 3:25 a.m. with a caravan of skunk-drunk friends, all of us feeling locked and loaded after a night of suds-slinging in Soulard or clubbing on Wash. Ave., and we're all "No! Sleep! Till Sauget!" That's when we fill up on the Eat Rite's ridiculous late-night deal: six friggin' hamburgers -- human-sized, not like White Castles -- for under five friggin' bucks! It's so amazing, it makes us wanna plant a big wet one on the lips of the shirtdress-uniformed old-lady waitress frying and pouring and taking orders behind the counter. Except that even on an alcohol high we're still a bit afraid of her. Instead we chase that burger shizzy down with a cup of diesel fuel -- pinkies up, this is late-night dining! -- and we're good to go.
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