Best Place for DayTime Drinking

Fairmount Park

"What a way to make a livin'," Dolly Parton once sang. Nine-to-fivers know that sometimes they need a break, and Fairmount Park is the place to do just that. Instead of just sitting in a dark bar in the middle of the day (depressing), at the racetrack you can get out and enjoy some sunshine. That's right, enjoy a little vitamin D with your beer-thirty libation. And at just $1.50 for a beer during Horse Hooky Tuesdays at Fairmount Park, you won't find a better deal in town. Add even more excitement to your day by using some of that money you're saving on those cheap drafts to place a little action on the upcoming race. Minimum bets are just two bucks, and (as that old Fairmount Park jingle used to go) "every nineteen minutes, the place goes crazy."

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