Best Place for Day Drinking

The Saint Louis Zoo

Staff Pick

The penguins have their air-conditioned habitat. Kali the polar bear gets to take a dip in his refreshing plunge pool. You and the billion other people who've decided to visit the Saint Louis Zoo for a ten-second glimpse of these too-cute creatures, however, have parking nightmares, a third-degree sunburn and an overheated toddler who will only stop screaming when stuffed with Dippin Dots. You are about to throw yourself into the lions' den when a glorious oasis appears before you like a beacon of hope: the beer cart. Perhaps the zoo isn't the most relaxing place for day drinking, but it is certainly the most necessary. Thank you, Saint Louis Zoo, for recognizing this. Budweiser has never tasted so sweet. 1 Government Drive, Forest Park, St. Louis, 63110. 314-781-0900,
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