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Don't be scared off by the giant gothic-looking sign marking Sanctuaria's location in the Grove neighborhood — or by the tag line of "Wild Tapas!" accompanying its name on that marquee. The flavors here may be bold, but the place itself is stylish and urbane. You could take a promising first date here or your most fabulous friend; as long as they like drinking and they like sharing, they'll have fun. As for drinking: The cocktails here really are to die for, with a neatly curated list of interesting concoctions. What separates Sanctuaria from other places with aspirations of mixology, however, is its approachability. Tell your server what kind of booze you like, and they'll guide you toward something worth drinking. We like the "'Princes Real Name": cognac, Aperol and bitters, sweetened with raspberry syrup and tarted up with lemon. It's both complex and utterly drinkable.

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