Best Place for Cocktails

Moonrise Hotel (rooftop terrace)

"We like the moon," sang the Spongmonkeys (of the website and, later, Quiznos ads), "'coz it is close to us." Nowhere closer, in fact, than the Rooftop Terrace that sits atop Joe Edwards' new Moonrise Hotel. Here a giant moon looms above you as it rotates from light to dark to light again. It is impressive — though not as impressive as the view: On a clear evening, you can see all the way to the Arch to the east, while to the west the lights of the suburbs twinkle and then wink out as slumber encroaches. Not here, where you have an entire cocktail list to peruse: Opt for well-known classics such as the Sazerac, sidecar, or manhattan, or try an unjustly neglected gem, the blood and sand, a citrus-kissed scotch concoction. Whichever you choose, you will know that you are enjoying a drink as close as we humans — or Spongmonkeys — can get to la bella luna.

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