Best Place for Band Practice

Utopia Studios

Most bands are broke and lazy, but even those that aren't, like Perth, Australia's Dream Catcha, love Utopia Studios. "I just like the whole feel of the place, mate," says vocalist Jeremy Harris, speaking by phone during Dream Catcha's latest stateside spin. "It was made very, very easy for us just to walk in, plug in and play. That's what you want when you're on the road. You do not want to be carrying around all your stuff to every rehearsal, bumping it in, bumping it out." We're not sure what he just said, exactly, but we do know that Utopia offers dirt-cheap rates -- $5 an hour for the room, $5 more for a PA setup, $5 more than that for a drum kit, bass rig and guitar amp. They've got 24-hour access on request and a lounge stocked with snacks and satellite TV. Wife-and-husband proprietors Amy and Spence Harrison used to run Berzerker Studios but now they've got three times more room (and a parking lot!) for this venture. The space proves useful not only for bands, but for auteurs filming movies and indie-rats crafting multimedia projects in the nooks and crannies. Open every day except Sunday from 5 p.m. till 2 a.m., Utopia's a paradise for the artsy-fartsy set!
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