Best Place for a White Guy to Work


If Rent-A-Center could've gotten away with it, the company might have placed "help wanted" ads seeking young white men with college educations to help drive female employees from the company. Job requirements would've included a firm grasp of derogatory language; the ability to harass and belittle female managers; the patience to watch porn in front of female customers and co-workers; and a willingness to send women out alone to deliver side-by-side refrigerators. However, Rent-A-Center was recently slapped with a class-action discrimination suit by female workers and the EEOC. Unwilling to back away from a policy that some said originated from the very top executive ranks, designed to purge women from the workforce, Rent-A-Center tried to pull a legal fast one by settling an obscure case in Kansas City for a paltry sum. When that didn't work, Rent-A-Center finally cried uncle, thanks to some St. Louis lawyers. Rent-A-Center denies any wrongdoing, but the company has changed some of its personnel policies and agreed to fork over $42 million to the women.
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