Best Place for a Stroll

Benton Park

Meandering through the grid of historic Benton Park is a special thing, whether it's a brisk autumn sunset or a moist dawn in the spring. Light touches the brick homes at odd angles, illuminating each structure's unique age and architectural pedigree — you'll see Queen Anne, Romanesque and Classical Revival styles here, frequently wrought in the 1800s by German settlers who made use of local materials. At the southern edge of the neighborhood, you can wander down Antique Row on Cherokee Street in search of a bargain. History buffs may get a kick out of the towering Lemp Brewery, while paranormal nerds will gravitate toward the (supposedly haunted) Lemp Mansion. In case you've worked up an appetite, Sidney Street, on the northern perimeter, is home to some nationally renowned restaurants. There are even a few low-key speakeasies around here, though we're not saying where. Some might find this neighborhood a bit bourgeois, but if you're like us, you'll feel drawn to the calm, the dignity of old brick, and the heritage that generations of St. Louisans have left for us. It's a special thing — and you can stroll through it.

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